Freshen up for Fall

Dated: October 22 2020

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There are many things you can do to prepare your home for the market this fall, so let’s cover a few items. 

Start with curb appeal

Rake those leaves

In fall, this can be a daily requirement to keep a property looking visitor ready.

Clean the flowerbeds

If you have shrubs or plants that have passed their prime, remove them! A well maintained home includes the outside also.

Mow and edge

A well-kept yard conveys the impression you take good care of your property. Keep toys to a minimum during the time your home is one the market.

Remember to maintain the yard during the entire process. Please be sure to have the yard freshly mowed for the new owners. 

Add the ‘extras’

Take the opportunity while the weather is good to reseed bare spots, include seasonal color and mulch the flower beds.

Clear the gutters

Better yet, have gutter guards installed before leaves start to drop. And clear tree branches off the roof when the leaves are gone.

Touch up peeling paint

Nothing makes a house look shabbier than patches of bare wood surrounded by deteriorating paint. And it’s so easy to fix.

Check your fences

Good fences make good neighbors and an excellent first impression. If you can’t afford to replace a fence that’s seen better days, try propping it up and power-washing it.

Refresh the mailbox

The mailbox may be the first thing a buyer sees. Don’t overlook this! Generally, installing a new box with numbers is the easiest, fastest way to refresh this area.

Make your address pop

Larger numbers, where appropriate, do their job — especially if you spotlight them. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest!

Spruce up your hardscape

You can immediately improve curb appeal by power-washing all that concrete and dressing up the path. 

Brighten the entry

Walk up to your front door and look at every detail! Evaluate everything from the porch light, doormat, seating, and plants. Do you need to clean or paint the front door? Does the hardware need to be updated? Everything needs to be cleaned or replaced. Make sure that the lock works and that the doorknob is clean. 

Every window needs to sparkle, especially those at the entry. Replace every lightbulb near the entrance because the lower light of fall and winter often requires turning on the lights to welcome visitors on gloomy days. And they will burn out at the worst possible moment if they aren’t brand new.

Consider simple decorations

Nice plants or a simple wreath will make a difference. Warm and welcoming is your goal!

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